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    Google Display ADS: 8 Best Practices to Optimize Your Campaigns

    On Aug 3rd, 2021
    This image has elements that represents display ads

    The eCommerce business has changed the overall online shopping experience completely. There are various ways to showcase your products on digital platforms.

    One of the ways is to run display ads, a form of online paid advertising where you can show ads in the form of graphics, images, banners or photos with a text. Display ads not only help spread brand awareness but also help visitors re-engage with your websites recurrently.

    The ads can be run in the following ways. 

    Banner ads

    Banner ads are highly used among all ads. They are image-based ads, placed at the top of the websites to grab visitors’ attention.

    Video ads

    Video ads are one of the most effective ways to feature your products. You can use YouTube and Instagram channels to make the ads more interactive.

    Rich media

    With rich media ads, you can explore innovative ways to market your products. You can make ads engaging using video, audio, and clickable elements.

    Interstitial ads

    Interstitial ads are designed to grab the attention of visitors as soon as they visit your website. They appear on a different webpage before visitors are redirected to the original webpage.

    8 best practices for Display ads optimization

    1. Keep an appropriate and compelling ad copy

    Make sure to add or write appropriate ad copies for websites’ landing pages. Add specific keywords or phrases with relevant descriptions about the products that you want to sell.

    2. Determine your demographics

    Define the group of audiences as per their basic demographic details like age, gender, interests, etc. Use high-quality images. Avoid overlaid logos, images, or ad text. Always use top-quality images for better visibility.

    3. Track the frequency of your display ads

    Your customers might get annoyed by seeing the same old ads many times. Track the frequency of your ads before they affect the conversions.

    4. Target the right audience

    Targeting the right audience helps you show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. This ensures that you are reaching the right people, at the right time.

    5. Review and exclude placements

    Go through relevant web pages, apps, and video content. If they don’t relate to your products, then remove their placements from your campaigns.

    6. Set the budget as per business goals

    If you have an unlimited budget, you can always run display ads. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, review the number of days and times you want to run display ads. Set the budget accordingly.

    7. Re-market to retarget at the right time

    Display ads allow you to target past/old visitors who have already visited your website. Re-engage them when they’re most likely to purchase your products.

    8. Give an appropriate call to action

    Use high-quality calls to action for your buyers in a competitive eCommerce market. Your Click-through rate depends highly on how unique and attractive your CTA’s are.

    These are some basic suggestions that can help you improve your Display Ad campaign, let us know in the comment section about the optimizations that you have tried and worked for you.