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    WH family strategy in Digital marketing: WHO

    On Aug 3rd, 2021

    In today’s digital world, distinguishing the right audience is one of the most complex tasks. Often, a digital marketing strategy may lead to failure if you don’t properly understand who your target audience is. Therefore, we are introducing you to the second question of our ‘WH family strategy in digital marketing’ WHO, in this part, we are going to talk about the importance of segmenting and identifying the right target audience for your product, service, or matter of awareness.

    WHO is your target audience?

    Having understood the attributes of products or services in the What part, the next question is WHO, as in who will buy your products or services?

    The Gif for WHO part in WH Family Strategy in Digital Marketing

    If we talk about selling products online, i.e. ‘shoes’, then according to the WHAT part you might have understood the important attributes of the product such as material, type, color, size, etc. These attributes play a very important role for online buyers while making purchase decisions, but the important point while marketing online is to also understand WHO is buying your product.  Are your shoes for senior citizens, adults, or kids? And whether the buyer is male or female. It is essential to make sure that your ad appeals to online consumers and that your ad content is able to engage them. 

    The right audience can be categorized with the help of various demographics such as, age, gender, occupation, region, interest, hobbies, lifestyle preferences, and many more. The WHO part helps you to understand and group your target audience into various segments  as per the use case of your services, products or awareness. This will help you to target your audience with precision. 

    Segmenting your target audience?

    The ‘who’ part helps you to segment your target audience into specific segments and target them with precision. For example, if the shoes that you want to sell online are for females, then are they high heels or flat soles? Which age group among the females would be more likely to buy your shoes? If they are for males, then are they formal shoes, or are they sports shoes? While setting up digital marketing campaigns, the questions above play an important role, it helps you to choose digital platforms and creatives that can help you to engage your audience precisely.

    Assume a scenario where you want to market formal shoes online, in such a scene you know it is wise to target corporate employees as they are more likely to buy formal shoes than the other audience segment. Now you just need to know where you can engage corporate employees. If you overlook the above points you may waste your time, energy, and funds targeting the wrong people.

    Let’s take an example, suppose you are a company providing video marketing services.

    To market such type of service you need to know what kind of segment might need your services. There are product videos to market, Brand awareness videos, Personal Vlogs, Advertisement videos, etc. If you are only providing marketing services for corporate brand videos then you need to target corporate people such as brand managers, marketing managers, CMO, etc. Those are the people who would be most likely engage with your marketing ads or would inquire about your service rather than every other person on digital media.

    The same applies to events or campaigns. If you are running a mass campaign for covid-19 vaccines then, you must know who all can be benefitted from your campaign. Who is going to visit you for vaccination? Their age group is an important part here. 

    Once you discover who your target audiences are, you can further understand their online behavior and where to approach them, in our next article we are going to discuss the third question of WH family WHERE.